Flood protection

Cuirassier created flood barriers that will protect your territories. Our innovative system of mobile barriers can handle all types of floods: river, coastal, industrial, rainwater runoff… Our technological know-how ensures: :  
  • SAFETY : Our mobile flood barrier holds up to 900 litres of water per module, guaranteeing optimal protection for your buildings and roads. In the event of a toxic spill, it prevents the release of hazardous materials.
  • DURABILITY : Cuirassier flood protection systems are extremely robust and reusable. The module is made of recycled and recyclable plastic with chemical inertia which can be used in all environments, particularly industrial.
  • ADAPTABILITY : In urban, suburban, or industrial environments, our flood barrier can be assembled on any type of impermeable ground. Easy to carry, build and store, this mobile and self-supporting system adapts to the constraint of the terrain and requires no additional parts..

The Cuirassier mobile flood barrier

Thanks to the mobile flood barrier developed by Cuirassier, you can act quickly and efficiently as soon as the flood alert is launched, without resorting to heavy human and mechanical resources..

Our anti-flooding modules are easily and quickly placed, forming a universal temporary barrier to : 
  • PROTECT : the population, the territory, buildings, traffic routes, economic and property interests
  • CHANNEL : water to maintain your activity
  • DIVERT : it to a storage area or drain
  • STORE : it by creating temporary retention or storage areas

Applications of the Cuirassier mobile flood barrier

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