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The Cuirassier mobile flood barrier is a temporary protection system that is unique in the world. It allows a simple, fast, and effective water management.
Adaptable to any terrain, it is composed of independent modules that can absorb up to 900 liters of flood water or chemicals. These modules can be assembled to form a line as large as necessary.
An ingenious, self-supporting system that can be installed and removed by two people, without any tools.
The Cuirassier flood barrier is made of chemically inert plastic which makes it suitable for industrial use. Easily cleaned and 100% recyclable, it provides communities and businesses with reliable and environmentally responsible protection.

Our solution in pictures

Optimized storage and organization

After a flood or bad weather event, the Cuirassier flood barrier can be folded and stored easily thanks to its ingenious all-in-one box system: the modules can be stacked and stored on pallets.

Technical specifications

    • Unfolded dimensions : h 120 x w 130 x d 130 cm
    • Empty weight : 46 kg
    • Retention capacity : 900 liters
protection empilable
poids de la protection
taille de la protection
Technical specifications
Flood water

A multi-tested flood barrier

The mechanical strength of the anti-flooding system, the operationality of the anchors and the resistance to waves have been tested by Cuirassier as well as by independent organizations such as the HR Wallingford laboratory and during European Interreg projects.

Our flood barrier has been designed to the most rigorous standard in the world, ANSI/FM2510, endorsed by the US Army Corp of Engineer and FM Global. This marks our commitment to providing a quality product.

This standard is supported by insurance companies and civil security forces.
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