River and coastal flooding

Our flood barriers provide flood control, protection, and prevention. Specifically designed to provide seamless protection to submersible areas, our innovative mobile flood barrier systems can be placed as a front or back-up barrier behind heavy civil engineering structures. Thanks to an ingenious and easy-to-use system, the flood barrier can be installed quickly. Simple, robust, powerful: our modules are an optimal solution for reducing the risk of flooding by reliably protecting people, property, and infrastructure.

Industrial risks

In the event of flooding on an industrial site, operations must be suspended,  in order to avoid all risks. In addition, if an accident occurs on the site, chemical spills are dangerous, especially if they reach the sewer system. Our modules protect industrial sites from the risk of water flooding and toxic spills. Made from chemically inert recycled plastic, they can be used to create a temporary containment area that can be treated when the appropriate resources arrive. Moreover, thanks to its flexibility, this flood protection offers the possibility of increasing the capacity of retention basins.

Rainwater runoff

Global warming causes an increase in dense and localized rainfall. Waterproof surfaces encourage runoff and its concentration. The water mass is therefore increasingly large. As a result, underground networks are overloaded, and the volume of polluted rainwater discharged into the natural environment increases. To prevent runoff flooding and control surface flows, Cuirassier modules can be arranged as a dynamic urban retardation system to direct the water to a less damaging path.