About us ?

Cuirassier, flood barrier expert

Cuirassier was born in 2016 in France and is based near Poitiers.

Our mission: Design, Produce and Distribute this unique mobile flood barrier system.

The company’s activities are based on a patent portfolio policy developed by Luc Nguyen Van, founder of Cuirassier. Concerned about the climate and facing increasingly violent climatic events, Luc has been “on the lookout” for temporary protection for a long time. This solution was developed with the support of the UTC (Université de Technologie de Compiègne) where a whole team of engineers worked on and validated the principle of the flood protection module. It was then optimized by the design office of our industrial partner, who specialises in the automotive and aerospace sectors.

In 2016, the first patent was granted, and four others additional have been granted. 

In 2021, Cuirassier was a CeremaLab award winner, a program that supports innovative SMEs and start-ups in the development of projects that impact territories.

In 2022, Cuirassier performs pre-tests at the ERDC (Engineer Research and Development Center) of the US Army Corp of Engineer.

We perform pre-tests at the ERDC (Engineer Research and Development Center) of the US Army Corp of Engineer

In 2023, we are positioning ourselves to pass the American FM Approvals ANSI/FM2510 standard, which tests flood control equipment. This is the most rigorous standard to date on the world market. Established by the international insurance company FM Global, this standard is the reference for all insurers worldwide.

The Cuirassier team

« Founder of the company and the daily pillar of Cuirassier. Seeing our solution being used to protect you is my main objective. »
TÉNET Christophe
TÉNET ChristopheGeneral Manager
«Coming from the world of insurance, I am very attached to prevention, particularly to flood risks. I knew that nothing similar existed in France. So, I joined Luc and his project with enthusiasm.»
ANTUNES VanessaInternational Sales Director
« Polyglot, passionate about water history and having expertise in commercial development I act in the deployment of flood barriers internationally. »

Our values

  •  Quality

Flood barriers ensure the safety of people and infrastructure. They must therefore be of impeccable quality. To assure our customers of our commitment to their safety, we chose to use standardization. 

Standards guarantee technical and quality criteria. They allow us to be considered by insurers. They are in line with our concept of service.

  •  Ecodesign

Ecodesign is the founding value of our creative approach. It allows our temporary barrier to protect against the environment while respecting it. Our materials have been selected for their hydraulic performance, mechanical properties, and recyclability. 

Our materials have a certified lifespan of over 100 years and are fully recyclable. They are regenerated and recycled in the form of granules.